Hande is a new hand sanitiser created in lockdown to support the most vulnerable

Hande is a new London-based hand sanitiser brand that launches today as a collaboration between the founders of knitwear firm Country of Origin and design agency IYA Studio.

Entirely manufactured in an⁠ industrial space in Peckham, south London, Hande is designed as a premium organic product, made with TSDA organic ethanol and to a formula stipulated by the World Health Organization. Even better, it will donate 30% of its product to organisations in need, as well as a portion of its profits.⁠ The idea is to support care homes, food banks and local communities.

Matt Cottis, creative director at IYA Studio, tells us it's been created and brought to market in just two weeks, following the onset of the Covid-19 crisis and the national shortage of hand sanitiser. "The UK has seen a particularly significant scarcity of 65% ethanol sanitiser, the minimum level to satisfy WHO guidelines, with retailers remaining critically low on stock both online and in-store," he says.

"We developed a concept that was closely linked to hands and their interaction and gesture. The brief was to create a premium brand that had a fun element and could quickly explain what the brand and the products stand for, where it's being made and the people who will be making it. We settled on this playful celebration to the art of hand sanitisation, each clean deserve a figurative hand gesture."

Hande costs £4.95 for a 50ml bottle. Go to hande.co.uk to make a purchase and support the cause. The product will be dispatched from 28 April 2020.


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