Inside Voices: Greg Mike's bright and bombastic new exhibition is a true mash-up

Inside Voices is a true mash-up of styles and mediums that nods at urban contemporary artist Greg Mike’s love for classic cartoons, vibrant colours and ferocious animals. The new show features 25 large works on canvas, using the artist's distinctively bright and bombastic yet polished style, incorporating photorealistic animals as well as his now-iconic character, Larry Loudmouf.

Inside Voices is Greg's breakout solo show in Los Angeles, and his first major exhibit since 2014, having spent the last four years travelling the world to paint murals, including Bear Witness in Venice, CA.

After defining himself by his bold, surrealist Pop Art inspired work, Greg declares Inside Voices to be his loudest and largest show to date, coming after a period of immense creative growth, becoming a father, and a snowboarding accident that might have prevented him from ever painting again.

"As a kid, adults always tell you to use your ‘inside voice’. Be quiet. Behave like an adult," Greg says. "There’s this belief our society keeps pushing that in order to grow up you have to give up your voice and stop expressing yourself. Inside Voices is a complete rejection of that. These new works leverage the style of my outdoor murals, but move inside of the gallery space — and inside of collectors homes — to explore visual representations of internal dialogues."

Born and raised in Connecticut, childhood trips to NYC in the mid-ʼ80s exposed Greg to the creative potential of reinventing public spaces through art and design. Obsessed with iconic American mid-century cartoons, by his early teens Greg began using the walls of his native state to fuse these two passions together.

Inside Voices will be on view until October 22 at a pop-up gallery space located at 631 N. Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. You can discover more of Greg's work at his website.


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