Glasgow Print Fair is back in-person with dozens of stunning artists and printmakers on display

Glasgow Print Fair is back in-person for the first time since 2019, and it's fit to burst with work by various artists and printmakers. Join us as we look at what to expect as it takes over the streets of the Scottish city and arrives at The Lighthouse.

Glasgow Print Fair has been taking over the streets of the city

Glasgow Print Fair has been taking over the streets of the city

If you've visited Glasgow recently, you might have noticed that its streets have been blessed with a splash of additional colour. That's because the Glasgow Print Fair is finally back in-person for the first time since the pandemic, and billboards featuring participating artists' work have been put up on its buildings and streets.

Run by two owners of creative agencies in Glasgow – Jane McDevitt from Maraid Design and Kaye Symington from Paved With Gold – Glasgow Print Fair is a not-for-profit event that is now in its fourth year. Its inaugural fair took place in person in 2019, while the 2020 and 2021 events were online 'at home' events due to the social restrictions at the time.

The 2022 fair is the first in-person event since 2019

The 2022 fair is the first in-person event since 2019

This year's Glasgow Print Fair takes place on 5 November, and rather fittingly considering the date; it's returned with a bang. Taking place in Scotland's national centre for art and design, The Lighthouse, the one-day event running from 10.30am to 5pm is free to enter. It allows visitors to browse and buy the works of exciting printmakers from around the UK and beyond.

Thanks to creative street advertising specialists Jack Arts, Glasgow Print Fair has been able to plaster the city with bright and colourful work of artists who will be there on the day. There's even a competition where you can win all 36 of the A2 prints involved with the promotion.

But who else can you expect to see at Glasgow Print Fair? With over 50 artists and printmakers due to be in attendance, there's a wealth of talent to look forward to. And to whet your appetite, here are some standouts that caught our eye.

Molly Fairhurst

Molly Fairhurst is an artist, illustrator and animator from the Yorkshire Dales who draws with "humour, love and intuition." A graduate of Leeds college of art, her work has appeared in The New York Times, and she has collaborated with the likes of H&M and Mailchimp. It's no secret that we're huge fans of her work, having already covered her wonderful animated music video for Deerhoof's song Plant Thief, so we're envious of people who can make it to Glasgow Print Fair and pick up her work in person. Her tactile, doodle-like work is truly one-of-a-kind as it balances a child-like naivety with sometimes frenetic line work.

Lauren Morsley

Bright, bold, and larger than life, Lauren Morsley's work features gigantic, cartoonish people towering over buildings in adverts or taking up walls in vibrant murals. Lauren, an illustrator and printmaker from Scotland, says her work is often inspired by "intriguing stories, places, and people". When she's not working on client projects for the likes of The Body Shop, D&AD and LUSH, to name a few, she likes to make her own prints and products populated with "wiggly armed and long-legged characters," many of which will be available to purchase on 5 November.

Georgie Mac

Georgie Mac is a non-binary Glasgow-based artist who makes zines and illustrations featuring his original ink drawings. "My work explores feelings of cosmic angst through the lens of hyper-niche fan art," they explain, and in this print, it's clear to see how their sense of humour comes across as the iconic Roy Lichtenstein pop art masterpiece Whaam! collides with a Furby. Other stars of their artwork include melancholic ghosts, curious astronauts and unwilling vampires. As well as appearing at the Glasgow Print Fair, Georgie is also available for commissions and ancient rituals.

Angela Kirkwood

Avid readers of Creative Boom will recognise the work of Angela Kirkwood, whose Copy Cat video for Canadian band No Frills has already appeared on the site. An Edinburgh-based illustrator and animator, Angela's eye-popping experimental style looks like it's leapt out of a 1970s cartoon. Specialising in creating weird, expressive characters who inhabit topsy-turvy worlds, her prints are bound to inspire joy in whoever sees them.

Alice Monvaillier

Integrating both a fine arts and communications education, Alice Monvaillier's art is a curious blend of disciplines that even throws a penchant for illustration into the mix, as well as printmaking. Instantly recognisable thanks to her saturated colours and somewhat glitchy compositions, Alice's prints feature warped, cartoonish animals and humanoid creatures getting up to all sorts of strange activities, such as mowing over one another and towering over surreal cityscapes. If a sugar rush could look like a piece of art, Alice's prints would be the most accurate representation.

Caroline Dowsett

Inspired by "feels, sounds, words and the everyday", Caroline's work is a colourful jamboree of vibrant hues and a healthy sprinkling of chunky shapes. She uses language and imagery to communicate joy, and her diverse body of work has adorned murals, textiles, packaging and branding. Of course, come 5 November, she'll be pivoting to prints, where visitors will be able to grab a print of her explosively delightful art to call their own.

Chris Bryant

Multi-award-winning artist and printmaker Chris Bryant is renowned for his abstract, monochromatic work that leans into the shapes formed by geometric patterns. You might even recognise his works from album covers for Night Rituals and Withered Hand. By experimenting with forms, patterns and layers, Chris creates almost hypnotic images which appear to have three-dimensional substance and depth. His prints are no different, and a masterful use of curvatures and white space creates the illusion of vase-like objects lifting off the page, as seen in this example.

These are, of course, a fraction of the amazing artists and printmakers on display at the Glasgow Print Fair. To look at the fantastic stallholders and see even more work by the artists above, head to the Glasgow Print Fair website.


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