Finder/Builder: A new solo show where discarded objects become works of art

The Lost Object is an artist who works with discarded and abandoned materials, creating – you guessed it – "Lost Objects", a kind of collaboration between the artist and time and nature itself, incorporating the materials flaws and physical history into the work, creating something fresh and new.

All images courtesy of StolenSpace

All images courtesy of StolenSpace

"When I talk about collaboration with time and nature, I’m talking about how weather and age create many of the colours and textures in the work," he explains. "The elegant forces that govern our natural world are constantly altering and effecting everything, I enjoy thinking of this as a collaboration."

He tackles each piece with no set in stone plan, allowing the material to dictate the way in which it is used and changed. "Essentially, I use a zen-like approach to 'lost object' making. I’m searching for balance and harmony…The materials inform the outcome. I find what feels to be a visual balance, aesthetic appropriateness, for whatever materials I use. It’s a form of a game to me for sure, like building blocks or legos, even like chess. It is a form of meditation."

In his new show, Finder/Builder, at StolenSpace gallery this April, The Lost object continues with this Zen-like practice but taking it towards the modern age, using more modern tools and incorporating aspects of the Binary System. Binary arithmetic uses only 1 and 0 (taken from the 5,000-year-old Chinese text, yin and yang) and is used in every modern computer, from iPhones to the technology used to control modern tools.

In this way, Zen Philosophy is the dominant philosophy on our planet right now. The Lost Object takes objects which the modern age has thrown away and creates something new, modern and beautiful.

Finder/Builder by The Lost Object will run from 7 April until 23 April 2017 at StolenSpace gallery in London, Osborn Street, E1. Discover more at


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