Weird and wonderful illustrations by Camelia Pham are inspired by our influences

If surrealism is your thing, you might just want to check out this weird and wonderful series of illustrations by Camelia Pham – a freelance illustrator and graphic design student of the Academy of Fine Art, Italy.

Utilising an abstract style and bold colour blocking, Pham creates an otherworldly, and almost uncomfortable, depiction of raw human emotion.

She explains: "This series is based on my perpetual thoughts of how our personality is based on the patches of perspectives and opinions endorsed by the people we've known.

"We pick up habits and knowledge just by watching others live their lives and talk about their days. That's one of the things which makes our universes intertwine in a mysterious way."

Camelia states that she's been drawing "since the dawn of time". Starting with copying "a bunch of Pokemon on the covers of notebooks" to her daily drawing that has spawned her unique style today. Discover more at


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