Surreal illustrations by Mariano Pascual inspired by the 'crazy reality' of life in lockdown

The panic buying of toilet roll. Not being able to leave our homes. The reliance on alcohol, maybe just a little too much. These are just some of the things we've come to accept as the "new normal" following weeks of lockdown, and they've been illustrated for a new series by Mariano Pascual.

Called The Lockdown, the vibrant artworks aren't of scenes from the Argentinian's apartment in Barcelona but plucked from his imagination. They're supposed to represent his own mind: "The scenes look messy and a little bit untidy because I think that my thoughts are not in order as well," Mariano tells Creative Boom.

"I wanted these rooms to feel compressed and packed, full of objects to give the idea that they are trying to suffocate us. And to be honest, all this time confined at home and spending a lot of hours in the same space sometimes ends up being a bit chaotic."

Mariano says he enjoyed adding lots of detail to the illustrations, some funny and unexpected that could tell a different story. His work is usually abstract, full of bold and playful shapes, pattern and textures. "For this series, I chose to go with a more realistic style," he adds. "I think it's a great time to reinvent yourself. Besides, I've always loved the magic in reality and how the ordinary has the power to become extraordinary."


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