Second Marriage balances the mystical and practical in astrology app Star/Child

The Brooklyn design studio worked with Starchild Astrology LLC to create a unique astrology app targeted at parents.

If you're going to launch a digital app, it's going to have competition from a million others, so it's helpful if you can target a unique niche. That's exactly what Starchild Astrology LLC hit upon when they decided to develop an astrology app called Star/Child, which has been developed specifically for parents.

It's a brilliant idea, and to develop its branding, they turned to Second Marriage, a Brooklyn-based design studio led by Erin Rommel.

With a small but agile team, Second Marriage creates print, digital, packaging, and identity design for both fledgling brands and established names. These clients span sectors but are defined by a common mission to make people and places happier and healthier.

Second Marriage believes that idea-driven design makes our world more accessible, provocative, and fun. It strives to make every project personal, challenging trends and creating truly custom designs for each client.

We are passionate about collaborating with brands that share our dedication to excellence and innovation." explains designer Keerthana Dubey. "Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to approach each project with fresh perspectives and creative insights.

"Led by studio principal Erin Rommel, our team boasts over a decade of design experience," she adds. "Erin has honed her craft in Auckland, New Zealand, and London, England, before settling in Brooklyn, New York. Her diverse background and global perspective infuse our projects with creativity and innovation."

App design

Star/Child is an astrology app for parents and children, offering daily insights, personalised guidance, and customised strategies for forging deeper connections between caregiver and kid. Second Marriage was brought on in the earliest stage of the project to create a brand style that's trustworthy, aspirational, and – most importantly – fun.

With the help of digital designer Isla Murray, photographer Emma Tunbridge, and collage artist Mike Germon, they built out a brand that feels solid but playful and subtly incorporates the mystical edge of astrology without losing credibility.

"We believe that our recent collaboration with Star/Child exemplifies our dedication to idea-driven design," says Keerthana. "Through meticulous research and creative exploration, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy that captures the essence of their vision while resonating with their target audience."


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