Are you a millennial who'll never buy a flat? Don't worry, at least you can have an avo vase

The slimy green guys are all avo the shop at the moment: just recently we've seen cushions, birthday cards, cuddly toys, mugs, vests and god knows what other gubbins bearing the image of that favourite fruit of the millennial generation: the avocado.

Sure, they're nice, and who doesn't like a 'Lil guac from time to time, but have we reached, as it were, peak avocado yet?

Seemingly not: but finally, one smart studio has created something that's actually useful rather than, say, a hideous journal bearing the words "peace, love, avocados."

London-based Ilex Studio has just announced the launch of its new Avocado Vase – which enables avo-munchers to grow their own from the massive stones (which are actually seeds) that have caused many a knife injury over the past few years – so much so that the American Journal of Emergency Medicine has even published a paper on the problem.

Nasty cuts aside, the Avocado Vase's transparent form means you can "observe the avocado seed as it matures," says the studio, "giving an insight into the plants' first stages of life." Apparently, this will be "fun, engaging and rewarding", as well as offering a pretty alternative to the well-worn trend for putting cactuses everywhere we've been seeing over the years. An extra bonus for the less-than-green-fingered is that the avocado plant is said to be one of the "heartiest and handsome" house plants around.

The Avocado Vase’s design is "based on the principles of minimalism, timelessness, and functionality," says Studio Ilex. "We have refined the traditional method of growing, skipping the toothpicks, and utilising the opening to cradle the seed keeping it dry as it sprouts and encouraging the roots to flourish freely. The sinuously shaped vase magnifies the roots as they prosper; creating a perfect focal point to witness the plant as it develops."

The vases measure 15cm x 15cm and are made from borosilicate glass. Each comes with a guidebook outlining the steps for germinating the seed and growing the avocado plant, as well as tips about water, light, pruning and repotting, along with "historical references and artistic inspirations." In keeping with the sustainability, reuse-encouraging values of the vase itself; the packaging is printed on recycled card.

The Avocado Vase costs £35 and is available here.


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