Nostalgic beers that celebrate the 'golden era' of professional wrestling

If you're a fan of grappling, fake tan and dramatic storylines, then these colourful wrestling-themed beers will quench your nostalgic, subculture thirst. Part of a collaborative "lockdown" side project by Glasgow-based Pim-Pam and Edinburgh's Want Some Studio, the fictional range pays homage to the 'Golden Era of Professional Wrestling'.

From the drawing style and bright pop culture colours to beer naming and tone of voice, each can design hosts an iconic wrestling superstar from the 1980s and '90s. The goal was to create something that people would enjoy, engage with and reminisce about as they look back at some of the trailblazers of the professional sport.

"When I was a kid, I used to love WWF and would draw these guys from the photos in magazines," says illustrator Marco Bevilacqua of Want Some Studio. "So when Pim-Pam reached out for a potential collaboration, it almost felt like jumping off the top turnbuckle and slamming right back into the early '90s.

"The idea of working together and being able to share something with potential longevity to remind ourselves and honour that the golden era of wrestling was a real blessing."

Pim-Pam's Luke McCarthy adds: "In a time when the world feels quite uncertain, it was nice to get in a bubble and create something fun and colourful that brings back a glimmer of our youth.

"As we began to share the creative via social media, we received an amazing response with many people demanding we have these made."

Now Marco and Luke are hoping to turn the project into a reality, but they are facing some challenges. "The tricky part is intellectual property and imagery rights, which aren't the easiest to achieve on commercial products. We've started reaching out to the right places to look at gaining permissions from the wrestlers themselves – as ideally the beers could be brewed (even across several locations) with the view of having a charitable donation/percentage of proceeds going to some good causes," says Luke.

One wrestler the pair had contacted directly was Joe Laurenitis, better known as 'Road Warrior Animal', who tragically passed away recently. "We'd been in touch with his team on our approach, but with all that's happened, we only hope this could work as a tribute to the legendary team down the line," Luke adds.

"There are a few more in development, so depending on how things pan out we'd love to establish a full suite of wrestling legends – though perhaps we'll can it at 30 and have a Royal Rumble."


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