The interactive 'Eco Fortune Teller' with a deliciously vaporwave-leaning aesthetic

Amsterdam-based art direction and digital design studio TeYosh has created the Eco Fortune Teller, an interactive digital storytelling interactive experience that comments on notions of consumerism and sustainability.

Produced by Cinekid MediaLab, the site takes a beautifully vaporwave-ish aesthetic and uses it as the basis for games that educate around sustainability. Central to the site is two characters – Mother Earth Fortuneteller and the "evil consumerist" – who are positioned in mortal opposition to one another. The idea, says TeYosh, is to convey "the urgency of the topic" and explain what we can each do on an individual level.

"We believe it is a very relevant project especially in these weird times and since the experience is primarily for kids we made this heavy topic fun, playful, contemporary and digestible," says the studio.

TeYosh was founded by Serbian creatives Teodora Stojkovic and Sofija Stankovic, and the studio works to explore the capacity of immersive technologies, "modern-day social phenomena linked to social media" and "emerging internet cultures". Broadly speaking, their projects examine the impact of technology on our relationships, communication, art, popular culture and society in general.


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