Thomas Danthony's meditative paper collages of waterfalls

For his latest body of work, French graphic artist Thomas Danthony has turned to fine art to study free-flowing water, shaped by the land.

Calling the series Waterfalls, it was something he became fascinated with at the end of 2019: "Although their verticality felt familiar, their constant motion was new and captivating. A waterfall is never the same and I figured the best way to capture them was to use hand movements as a way to create flow, aiming to find beauty in surprise," he explains. The result is this meditative series of collage on paper, in which water inevitably finds its way of creating "ever-changing wonders".

Thomas began working on the series a few months before Covid-19 but completed it during quarantine, giving the artworks a whole new meaning. "During these few months, I was often transported to the base of some imaginary waterfalls," he says. "I like the inevitability of waterfalls, the water only goes in one direction, down."

Originally from the south of France, where he studied Industrial Design, Thomas's practice is now divided between illustration, fine art and design. Inspired by the extensive time he spends outside climbing and exploring, he likes to simplify shapes to their "essence". He has exhibited his work physically around the world in London, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles and is now presenting this new body of work exclusively online.

"Although this is my third solo show, in essence, it feels more like a first as this show is more focused on fine art and only available online. It's an exciting time to experiment with exhibition formats and we have designed a digital experience that will allow all to attend, no matter where they are," Thomas adds.


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