Justyna Green's warm and intricate line drawings pay tribute to the natural world

Justyna Green has spent the past decade championing creativity by organising talks and conferences, working on marketing and communications strategies, and interviewing artists and designers for her On Design podcast.

But during her spare time, she spends every minute sketching and painting. "I'm always drawn to depicting our inner worlds and the natural world around us," she says. "In recent years, my thirst to share my visuals with the world and to collaborate with others – to bring their ideas to life – has grown much stronger."

This is why Justyna enrolled on a number of courses at Chelsea College of Art and Camberwell College of Art to develop her work, and find her voice. She has since developed a style that combines intricate line work and organic patterns with an earthy, natural colour palette.

"I aim to depict the beauty of the natural world, our inner lives and the miracle of every day," she tells us. "Recent months have been very challenging for everyone across the globe and I'd love for my illustrations to bring joy in those difficult moments. I hope they serve as tools for helping people to cope; promoting themes of mindfulness and how being in the moment can make it easier to not get caught up in difficult thoughts and emotions."

Currently based in London, it's only recently that Justyna has become a freelance illustrator. "I have a decade of freelancing for clients in the fields of communications and event programming so I feel fully equipped to work with a new set of clients," she adds.

It was perhaps her podcast, On Design, that inspired Justyna to pursue a career in illustration. "I found the design and arts community a wonderful one to be a part of and wanted to give something back to all the great people I met along the way. I also wanted to debunk the myths of overnight successes or that successful people never fail and have linear careers. I strongly believe that we're all equal and we all have our own path.

"Whilst we can always learn from people who are further along the journey than us, there's no need to idolise or feel inferior to others. That's what I want to achieve with the podcast; a fortnightly connection with some very accomplished and kind individuals sharing their thoughts on creativity and showing us that we’re all together on our creative journey."


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