Borderless: Jenny Theolin and Ata Berenjian collaborate to create artworks inspired by lockdown

During art school, Jenny Theolin was often told that you should never touch another person's art.

And now, starved for intimacy during the Covid-19 pandemic – when even touching our family and friends could be dangerous – she has found comfort in a collaboration with Ata Berenjian, encouraging him to "touch, hug, vandalise, meddle and enrich" her work.

The result is Borderless – a series of digital artworks and a "beautiful collision of characteristics". Using Jenny’s photography as a canvas, Ata applied his distinctive illustration style to create something completely new. "This collaboration is all about building on top, adding and creating together. A little bit like we hope the world will be doing more of once open," says Jenny.

Now available as prints with 50% of the proceeds going to Médecins Sans Frontières.


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