Training Day: Photographs that uncover 'Canine Partners for Life' at maximum security prisons

Training Day by American photojournalist Michael Schwarz examines the inner workings of 'Canine Partners for Life', a non-profit project that enables maximum security prisoners in Pennsylvania and Maryland to train prospective service dogs inside the prison for up to 18 months.

All photography courtesy of Michael Schwarz

All photography courtesy of Michael Schwarz

The course has proved so successful in its 26-year existence, it has helped to place over 650 service dogs in 45 states across America, assisting hundreds of physically or mentally disabled people.

"After attempting for nearly eight months to gain access, I was permitted to photograph and interview inmates working with the dogs, inside their cells, throughout training sessions, and generally anywhere in the facility at SCI Greene Maximum Security Prison," explains Michael.

"The dogs are impeccably trained, reacting instantly to commands given by their handlers. Treats were placed on the floor to tempt them out of position. No one budges, and the exercise concludes with zero mistakes. Expressions of pride and approval can be seen upon the inmate's faces. It is clear they take their work seriously."

You can read more about this wonderful cause here.


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