Bird Stamps: Intricate paper-cut artworks of birds that seem to leap off postage stamps

Diana Beltran Herrera is a Bristol-based Colombian designer and artist who loves to work with ordinary everyday materials – such as wire, cardboard, plastic, and paper – to create intricate paper sculptures, particularly of different species of birds from around the world.

Our feathered friends are something she's been especially fascinated with since she was a child, and that's where she tends to get most of her inspiration. For this particular series, Bird Postage Stamps, Diana decided to pay homage to birds she has discovered on her own travels. From her home turf of Colombia to Malaysia and Indonesia – each stamp depicts a bird in its own native land.

"Just as the patterns found in nature, my sculptures comprehend massive groups of elements that together compose a major complex system," she explains.

After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota, Colombia in 2010, Diana established her own design practice, and has since exhibited in Europe, Asia and America. She currently lives in Bristol, where she has just graduated with a masters in Fine Arts at University of West of England.

Recent commissions include a piece for the Festival of Ideas by Bristol City Council and her first solo show in Asia, supported by the Embassy of Colombia in Indonesia and Cancilleria de Colombia en el Exterior. You can discover more at


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