Jamie Keenan's Barbican-inspired book covers for Science Fiction Penguin Classics

Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction at the Barbican Centre is a genre-defining exploration of one of popular culture’s most celebrated realms. The unprecedented show takes place all over the iconic building, encompassing literature, contemporary art, film, music, comic books and video games to present a new, global perspective on Science Fiction.

To accompany the exhibition, the Barbican has collaborated with Penguin Classics to produce a special series of landmark Science Fiction novels with exclusive covers inspired by locations around the Barbican. The newly imagined cover artworks have been designed by Jamie Keenan in a playful tribute to the Barbican’s iconic architecture and the utopian vision of architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon.

Further exclusive ranges include stationery and accessory items from London-based illustrator and animator Tom Clohosy Cole, space-themed jewellery pieces by Tatty Devine, and a selection of Science Fiction themed prints and posters. The ranges are available in the Barbican Shop and online: shop.barbican.org.uk.

The new book covers complement Into the Unknown’s Penguin Book Club – a series of book club events, running throughout the exhibition, which invite readers to discuss, debate and dissect their favourite works with journalists, writers and academics.

The cover for 1984 features the iconic Barbican Towers draped with banners bearing slogans from the novel; the cover for A Clockwork Orange re-imagines the Barbican Martini Bar as the Korova Milk Bar; the cover for The Island of Doctor Moreau pictures the Barbican Conservatory inhabited by Dr Moreau’s monsters; and the cover illustration for Frankenstein unveils the ‘engine room’ deep below the Barbican Centre as Frankenstein’s lab.


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