Today's apps like TikTok, Facebook and Tinder reimagined as their '90s counterparts

The tail end of the rave era, Blur, Tamagotchis, the Big Breakfast on Channel Four… there was a lot to love about the '90s.

Another fabulous thing about the decade was the fact that things like Facebook didn't exist to waste way too much of my time, leaving a ton more hours in the day to scrawl things in FunFaxes. Bringing the world of '90s nostalgia into the 21st-century landscape of apps and social media is a new series of images created by someone known only as the creative director of a recruitment company called Computer Futures, (their spokesperson won’t tell us the creative's name as yet).

The images imagine what the likes of Microsoft Teams, TikTok, Tinder and Facebook – all things which, to many, have been vital tools for connection over the pandemic – would have been like in the '90s, with its older (and generally much larger) forms of technology.

All the images were created using nothing but Photoshop to remain true to the '90s theme: the designer used only the capabilities that design software would have had 25 years ago. Everything, including the product mock-ups, art direction, copy and the page design, were all created in-house at Computer Futures.

"The colour palettes were chosen based on the brands and we researched the best devices to base the products on depending on the app, for example choosing a gaming device for Tinder (as dating is a game for many), the video camera or TikTok or the complex fax machine for Teams that represents office communication," says Computer Futures.

"For the ad mock-ups, we spent a lot of time looking back at 90s magazine print ads for the kind of products and brands we were pastiching, for example, we looked at the styling of old Microsoft and Apple ads for Teams, and for apps like TikTok we thought about who the ad would be targeted at and combined that with the retro styling."


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