Timothy Hunt's witty, graphic art with simple shapes and bold colours

"Witty, playful and sarcastic," this is how Yorkshire illustrator and designer, Timothy Hunt, describes his work. "It's also been called 'too digital' and 'lazy'," he tells Creative Boom.

With bold and colourful graphic art, Timothy helps brands such as Airbnb, Wired and Howies to visually express emotions, concepts and ideas. We love his recent campaign for the UK Government or his work Debenhams to mark the summer period. His raunchy illustrations for Cosmopolitan magazine leave little to the imagination.

But it's not all about illustration. He also likes to make "silly" films, music and he's tried writing, too. "Recently I’ve started working on some game apps with one of my best mates, which is where some of my new motion pieces have come from. We released our first app last year called Naughty Cats and Cross Dogs. It’s basically noughts and crosses but with cats versus dogs, funny voices and a few different challenges."

Here we share some of his recent work. You can discover more at www.ficklefate.co.uk. Or follow Tim on Instagram. Timothy is represented by Making Pictures.


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