OIiver Sin's latest film Helping Hands tells the story of 'two hands helping each other out'

Helping Hands is the latest film by Oliver Sin, featuring his signature bright colours, playful characters and whimsical storytelling.

It's a humorous short montage of "two hands, helping each other out". But what starts off as a charming set of hands aiding each other with tasks such as cooking, DIY or changing the tyres, slowly turns a little dark. Watch and see for yourself.

Helping Hands is the first film under Oliver's studio name, Good Sin. He worked with sound designer Ambrose Yu to bring the feature to life.

"The whole 'hands' idea just came around one day when I was randomly doodling a drawing of a small chef carrying a larger than life carrot," Oliver told Creative Boom. "Then I thought, what if I just made the character a hand? It all escalated from there! I wanted to adopt a new style I had been developing over the years, too. It had been a long time since I created a short film and felt it would be a great way for me to express my new creative direction."

Oliver Sin is a director, animator and illustrator based in Cheltenham with clients including Samsung, Airbnb, Dropbox and Google. Discover more of his work at www.oliversin.com.


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