Sydney studio Landor helps Coca Cola to cool down Australia's summer with a frozen rebrand

Australian summers are iconic, but they’re also absolute scorchers. That’s why since the 1990s, Australians have been enjoying the icier side of their favourite soft drinks to get them through the warmer months.

But as the 'Frozen' offer expanded, the overall experience and identity was inconsistent and fragmented across multiple brands, customers and price points. So how do you unite some of the world’s biggest brands – each with their own unique identities, strategies and assets, and make an experience that people love even better? Well, it’s simple really, you freeze them.

Sydney agency Landor developed a new 'Frozen' brand platform idea based on the phrase: 'Amplify your favourite experiences', bringing together Coca Cola and the rest of its family, i.e. Fanta, Sprite, etc.

"It was all about taking the fun to the next level and making great moments with frozen and friends even more exciting," said Ethan Hsu, senior designer at Landor. "A unique 'Frozen' identity ties all the soft drinks together under one brand whilst not detracting from the individual products. Allowing us to add a playful approach – amplifying the fun and seriously unserious character of Frozen."

Landor brought in illustrator Ilana Bodenstein to create illustrations for the new identity and subsequent campaigns.


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