Timeless shell-toes are celebrated for their game-changing team spirit

Can you believe it's been 50 years since the Superstar was born? Originally made for sports, but later for fashion, art and music, it's a special milestone for the classic Adidas trainer, one that has been celebrated in an explosive new campaign featuring Jackson Yee and his dance crew.

Barcelona production agency Device was appointed to direct and produce the film, as part of the Adidas wider campaign, under the executive direction of Hypebeast's Enric Soldevila and the production of The Others.

"We wanted to truly convey the classic casual-sporty Superstar nature, yet give it a more urban look and feel," says Maria Burgués from Device. "The Adidas all-time classic hasn’t lost its essence over the years: always changing the game. The legacy of it being a five-decade worldwide revolutionary is that it relies on team-working as the main catalyst for change, so that inspired the theme of this campaign."

The biggest challenge, according to Device, was to blend its live-action footage with motion graphics. "We used complex and seamless transitions that organically merged the characters with the animation world. To highlight the urban atmosphere and soften the interaction between live-action and cel animation, we decided to include some FX on the dancers to include a subtle digital touch."

Device tied everything up by adding some wild and frenetic type animations. "This project bespeaks a modern and contemporary approach on how typography, live-action and animation not only live together but also merge and interact, playing with the flexibility and adaptability of all the elements," adds Maria.


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