Paintings by Hilary Pecis that invite us into her private world in Southern California

In her series, Come Along with Me, Los Angeles artist Hilary Pecis gives us a glimpse into her private world in Southern California – of family and friends, and of intimate settings.

All images courtesy of Hilary Pecis and Rachel Uffner Gallery

All images courtesy of Hilary Pecis and Rachel Uffner Gallery

But instead of featuring portraits of the people she loves, she focuses on the interior and exterior details of the buildings and places she frequents. These are still life and landscape paintings, each illuminated with saturated colour and framed by varied perspectives – and not always in modern times.

The imagery in Pecis' work comes from her archive of snapshots taken from hikes, travels, visits with friends in their homes or restaurants, and depictions of the artist's surroundings. Rather than direct re-creations, Pecis focuses on specific details that spark the feeling of a captured moment.

She also reveals an interest in the history of representational painting, often including stacks of monographs, exhibition posters, and works by other artists within her work. With the inclusion of these cultural and art historical references, Pecis offers a set of visual cues that speak to a specific time and place. For example, in Morning, 2019 – from the perspective of the coffee drinker – a Los Angeles Times newspaper lays on top of a kitchen table adorned with a rhythmically patterned table runner, while tchotchke-esque candle holders surround a vase filled with marigolds. These details subtly hint at the painting's time and place.

You can see Hilary Pecis' latest work online via Rachel Uffner Gallery in New York.


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