The Simple Life: Cool, graphic illustrations that celebrate mid-century design

For his series The Simple Life, American illustrator Jeremy Booth created a range of illustrations based on the design and culture of the mid-century. Adopting his usual graphic style of appealing lines and flat colours with his trademark use of light and shadow, the artworks pay homage to cult relics of the past – demonstrating his deep love for nostalgia.

Born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, where he still resides today, Jeremy was fascinated with drawing as a young boy but as he grew older his interests shifted and he no longer pursued art. Years later, his creative interests resurfaced as he pursued graphic design.

Jeremy spent half of his twenties teaching himself how to design. While learning and working through his design career he was introduced to digital illustration and found he really connected with it. He has turned that exploration into a profession.

Being an admirer of photography he spends a lot of time studying light and harsh shadows. His work is inspired by his admiration and some have come to call his work Vector Noir. Although Jeremy’s focus is illustration these days, he still enjoys graphic design and often will combine both in his work. Select clients include Amazon, Samsung and Digital Ocean.

Discover more at, or you can view The Simple Life at his first French exhibition at Sergeant Paper in Paris until 29 October 2016. More info at

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