Sweet Style: Surreal photography series explores the similarity between hairstyles and confectionary

Ever since Doody compared Frenchie to a "beautiful, blonde pineapple" in Grease, the comparisons between food and hair have been drawn. Madrid-based photographer, Paloma Rincón, has created this fun photo series entitled Sweet Style, to celebrate this very topic.

All images by and courtesy of Paloma Rincón

All images by and courtesy of Paloma Rincón

She explains: "When I was a little girl I used to play with my hair and often created sophisticated hairstyles for myself. Now, as a woman with long hair, it has become a texture I am very close to. In many projects, I have used hair as a material that adds an organic feel to my compositions.

"Lately I have noticed a big connection between the colours and shapes used in hairstyles and those found in bakeries and ice cream. In this self-initiated series, I explored the similarities of these aesthetics by unifying them in lighthearted images. The idea of playing imaginary children's games with food brings life and a bit of whimsy to these playful combinations of props, textures and colours." Discover more at palomarincon.com.


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