Followers: Artist imagines how humans perceive one another with comical series

In his series Followers, Nottingham-based artist Alan Fears creates appealing sculptures of different characters to explore how we perceive one another. With some looking a little lost and dumb, Alan takes a comical look at human life.

He explains: "In my mind, when I visualise a group of followers, I see a mixed bag of stereotypes, a sea of gormless faces waiting vacantly for a cue or command. They’re not real people, they don’t have thoughts and feelings, they’re just followers, strangers, faces, things. Yet, the longer you look at a random selection of beings, the more they become individuals, personalities. Just like pets, you start to humanise these strange faces, and in time you begin to adopt a favourite one or two. At some point you start to search for yourself in the crowd, and that may in fact be the true reason why some of us chose to follow each other in the first place."

A naive artist, a graphic artist, a pop artist – Alan considers to be a slice of each: "My style is simple and direct. The theme in most of my work revolves around reminding myself, and everybody else, how great and stupid humans can be and therefore how great and stupid life can be. You’re a follower, I’m a follower, we’re all followers following each other."

You can see the Followers at the Nottingham Castle Open, which opens from 22 October 2016 until 8 January 2017. To discover more about Alan, visit

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Alan Fears


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