The Master Winter of Illustration gets a real kick out of drawing

Alexis Winter is a talented illustrator based in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. She's already got a degree in Communication Design and is currently completing her Masters so 'she can call herself Master Winter'.

Her style is very mixed media based. She starts off with some watercolours as a base, followed by sketching over top and then once all of that is dry she buckles up and gets ready for a solid session of line detailing with her trusty 0.7mm uni-ball fine liner. After this is done she scans her image into the computer and finishes her colouring there.

She explains: "This approach fulfils the artist and designer in me. It should be noted that I get a total rush when finishing an illustration. When I can see that I’m about an hour away from finishing I start to get all jittery, my face starts to get flustered and my palms get a little sweaty. It’s how I imagine normal people feel when meeting someone new that they’re attracted to for the first time. Only what they don’t realise is that it can be easily archived in the comfort of your own home looking at the textured paper with a fully formed image on it, duh! When I finally finish I can’t sleep due to the masses of adrenalin pumping through my veins. Sometimes I worry about my heart."

You can discover more of Alexis's work over at her website.


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