I wonder what it's like to be dyslexic?

People all over the world struggle with reading for a variety of reasons, including dyslexia, lack of education and an unfamiliar language to name a few. People with reading difficulties are often capable of thinking in ways that others aren't and as a result are capable of true greatness, yet these people are often misunderstood and treated unfairly as a result.

Failing to encourage those with reading difficulties in a way that makes sense to them can limit (and in many cases damage) their ability to progress. Great effort has been made to provide tools aimed at improving a person's reading but very little has been done to give those around them an understanding of what it really feels like to struggle in such a way.

That is until now, of course. Sam Barclay, who is dyslexic himself, has designed a beautiful typographic book titled 'I wonder what it's like to be dyslexic'. The book aims to provide the reader with a design-led experience of what it feels like to struggle with reading. If you're interested in supporting Sam's work, then get over to Kickstarter.