3D art is as light as a feather for Jong Soo Kwon

Check out this spectacular art exhibition showcasing 3D lenticular photographs never before seen in Europe. The exhibition called 'The Feather Series' contains a carefully selected set of images that offer viewers an interaction with 3D photography made by one of Asia’s aspiring masters of the medium - Jong Soo Kwon.

Over the past few years three-dimensional photographic art has reached new levels of success and popularity. Chris Levine’s lenticular work was shown at ‘The Queen: Art and Image’ in London’s National Portrait Gallery (2012) and was seen by over half a million spectators. Last year, Damien Hirst released his first lenticular print ‘For the Love of God’ (2012) which documents his diamond encrusted skull sculpture as a three-dimensional image adding himself to a growing list of artists testing the potential of the lenticular medium.

The illusion of depth that lenticulars create acts under the same general principles as 3D television and film but without the glasses. Seeing three dimensions is the result of each eye having a different perspective that is manipulated by the glasses or, for lenticulars, the specialist lens placed on top of the print. Each lenticular image is made up of 100s of individual photographs that are carefully calibrated to the exact positions needed for the illusion to take form. The potential of the medium has not yet been reached but Kwon is closer than ever to achieving it. To find out more about the exhibition, go here.


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