The A-Z of football, a new collaboration between Form & Glory and Dinkit

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Form & Glory and Dinkit

Form & Glory and Dinkit have teamed up to bring discerning football fans across the globe a stylish typographic print series that traverses the world of football via the alphabet.

The A to Z of Football, by Dinkit designer Matt Berry, is a typographic exploration of the graphic language of football clubs. The idea was to explore everything from historic club crests, kit designs, fan ephemera and colour and represent aspects of this language through each club’s initial letterform.

The challenge was to create an original set of letterforms without using any club names. All graphics and iconography is differentiated and stylised in some way. The collection contains a whole alphabet of clubs and there are only 100 copies of each club available to buy at

Purveyors of sporting style and an antidote to the mass-made memorabilia that so often fills the sporting arena, Form & Glory works with designers and illustrators from around the world to bring discerning sports fans a range of hand-crafted products that are worthy of walls and wardrobes.