Latest works from illustrator Andy J. Miller

Andy J. Miller is an American illustrator who makes his bread and butter from editorial, advertising and book illustration, and his clients to date have included Sony, Converse and Google. He's also been known to dabble in the creation of murals and decorative, stationery and pattern design.

Born and raised in Indiana, as a child Miller loved Charlie Brown, Dr Seuss and Jim Henson. And when he was slightly older, he spent his days in his own world, creating and drawing new characters for his favourite series, like X-Men and Megaman.

In high school, Miller begrudgingly put aside his play things and found independent music when a friend introduced him to Modest Mouse. The album art and packaging, gig posters and merchandise were Miller’s first love affair with design and illustration.

From 2005, Miller went to the University of Huddersfield, and graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. During this time he met the love of his life, Sophie as well as friends (turned colleagues) Jeffrey Bowman, Robert Loeber and Matthew Burvill.

These three friends (under the guiding hand and encouragement of lecturer, mentor and friend Paul Heys) formed a group, CRIM Collective, and self-published a small foldable zine called “PUMP”. When the first issue made its way onto blogs, they received requests from across the world for copies. This sparked something very exciting in each of the young men and soon after they went their separate ways… all charting their own territories in design and illustration. Today, Andy is based back in the Mid West and freelances for clients across the globe. Find out more on his website.


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