Pixelated, 8-bit artworks of classic paintings from the art world

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

New York artist Adam Lister makes pixelated, acrylic paintings based on iconic images from the art world. Inspired by cubism, minimalism and 8-bit video games, Lister loves to reduce famous paintings to geometric abstractions.

“Having grown up playing Atari and Nintendo video games, this broken-down, angular method of processing and displaying information became an interesting guideline for me to translate and selectively restructure some of the most famous paintings in the world," Lister explained.

If you love this 8-bit style, you'll be happy to discover that his paintings are available as limited-edition prints. See more of Lister's work on his website where you'll no doubt enjoy discovering further artworks, some of which are inspired by iconic pop culture.