Studio Crêmes' visual identity for Minimal Music Festival focuses on ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Meditation’

London-based design and motion studio Studio Crême has just launched its new designs for the biannual World Minimal Music Festival.

Studio Crême was brought in to create the designs for the project by the Amsterdam-based festival venue Muziekgebouw, having first worked with them a couple of years back.

"Our first project with them was the announcement video for World Minimal Music Festival (now Minimal Music Festival)," says James Earls, Studio Crême co-founder and creative director. "From this initial project stemmed a longer term, more in-depth involvement. For the 2019 edition, we developed the overall visual identity."

The campaign launch film is based around the dual themes of ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Meditation’. "The concept was to make very different imagery for each theme and then to combine them to create a unique visual language for the festival," says Earls.

The project saw the studio work on a fully integrated campaign for the 2019 festival, comprising a full print campaign across Amsterdam as well as the event brochure and daily event schedules.

"For ‘Meditation’ we developed a series of short scenes that aim to capture moments of deep reflection and mindfulness," adds Earls. "For ‘Ecstasy’ we used the imagery generated from brain scanning as the inspiration for a more colourful and abstract set of images."


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