A new look for Ibiza Rocks, reflecting its reputation as the ‘home of the pool party’

Ibiza Rocks has revealed a brand new look created collaboratively by the group's new division Unruled Collective and award-winning London agency, Big Active.

Having successfully evolved Ibiza Rocks events from night-time live gigs into daytime pool parties, the rebrand reflects this “day-life” concept whilst staying true to its founding ethos of chasing energy and evolving with a new generation to keep Ibiza young, fresh and relevant for youth.

Under its banner and known as the “home of the pool party”, Ibiza Rocks Hotel has become the White Isle's most iconic destination and is recognised for its incredible programme of events – this summer it will host Stormzy’s record-breaking #MerkyFestival and pool party residencies from Craig David, Rudimental, MK, DJ EZ and more.

Whilst the time slot and soundtrack have changed and the new branding reset message is clear, the underlying core brand values of youth, attitude and energy remain the same.

Without losing the iconic logo, the plectrum has been minimised to dial down its rock and roll roots. Taking inspiration from hot summer tones, it now appears in a variety of colour combinations to reinforce that Ibizan daytime feel. Oversized and cut-out images of fashionable guests, palm leaves and summer colours create an aspirational world. Glamour, sunshine and carefree times make an Instagram timeline and lifestyle brand that every youth wants to experience.

"The iconic plectrum inspired logo has been repointed to occupy a new and more sophisticated setting," says Gerard Saint, brand director at Big Active. "Its functional considerations have been fully reappraised and the original distressed black and white/high contrast appearance cleaned up so as to dial down its rock and roll roots.

"The subtle recrafting is intended to ensure fitness for purpose across a variety of practical settings – particularly in the digital environment where it can now appear in a multitude of colourways to reflect a particular mood or time of the day."


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