Street Ballet: Photographer captures ballet dancers leaping all over New York City

Omar Z Robles's interest in storytelling began with one man: Marcel Marceau. The legendary mime actor taught him how to interpret the world through subtle, but riveting movements. Those movements that he acquired as a student in Paris, he still employs today in his ongoing photo series of ballet dancers.

The New York City-based photographer loves to juxtapose the clean lines of professional dancers against rugged city landscapes, and not just in the Big Apple either. He's been all over the world capturing dancers leaping, bending, swaying and moving around city streets – and then sharing his latest images on his popular Instagram account with 220,000 happy followers.

Before his obsession with dance photography kicked off, Omar was shooting celebrities, athletes, artists, politicians and city dwellers for The Chicago Tribune’s Hoy, Metro San Juan, Latino Leaders and for his own street photography portfolio.

In New York City, he transformed the aesthetic of his street photography by substituting the New Yorker with the New York dancer. Omar directed the dancers to tell stories with their bodies as he had learned from Marceau. The result is an army of miniature stories as told by the gentle flow of the dancers’ bodies. Discover more at

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Omar Z Robles


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