Meet Morris, the fish that encourages you to turn him inside out and explore his innards

Have you met Morris? He's an interactive stuffed animal that encourages you to turn him inside out to explore his innards – crafted lovingly by San Francisco cross-disciplinary artist and designer Rachel Ciavarella.

"Morris started as an exploration of material textures, his fantastic form was inspired by the real fish that inhabit our Earth. I wanted to make a product that showcased the unique and often overlooked sense of touch," Rachel explained. "Morris offers a new and playful way to experience everyday materials."

After her unique toy was spotted by some leading blogs, Rachel has received lots of interest in Morris with people across the world wanting to get their hands on the reversible fish. She has since launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a limited production run of Morris, so he can be accessible to lots of people.

You can pledge your own support, and follow the campaign on Kickstarter. And make sure you watch the video below to see Morris in action.


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