Industrial Minimalist: Photographer captures the abstract beauty of industrial estates

One summer, Bradford-based photographer Stuart Allen was walking his dogs when he decided to cut through a local industrial estate to the fields beyond. As he was passing a row of units, he couldn't help but notice the sunlight hitting the facade, with its shutters and doors firmly closed to protect against unwanted intruders. His eye was drawn to the bright colours, straight lines and shapes. And so he returned with his camera to take cropped shots of the buildings, realising that they almost looked like abstract paintings.

Stuart explains: "This seemed to be contradictory to the mood of the estate at the time, which was typically drab, visually uninspiring and, being a Sunday morning, rather subdued and quite eerie. This was the start of my Industrial Minimalism project, an attempt to show that the most unlikely of subjects can be inspiring.

"I am no stranger to urban minimalism; having reviewed my photo collection recently, the earliest example I could find is from 1982. However, at that time it was more opportunistic. However, since the start of this project I now make a concerted effort wherever possible to drive or walk through industrial estates, wherever I am in the world. Indeed, I could be classed as an industrial estate tourist."

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Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Stuart Allen


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