We Come As We Are: Artist creates a hyperrealist sculpture of his face during orgasm

For his unique artwork We Come As We Are, Madrid-based Venezuelan artist Luigi Rodriguez has created a hyperrealistic sculpture of his own face during orgasm. Why? Because he believes that the face we reveal during sexual climax represents our true identity, and he wanted to recognise and celebrate that – no matter how controversial.

He explains: "During those few powerful seconds we let ourselves go and forget about our ego, expectations and worries, allowing us to be free and therefore uncover a face that is pure. Out of all the ideas I had in my head, this art piece was the one that I feared the most. I decided to make a hyperrealist sculpture of myself because I wanted the finished artwork to be as close to real life as possible, so it was completely honest."

Luigi spent most of 2016 learning the techniques to develop his sculpture. It was a long process, both physically and mentally, since this type of genre is all about the tiny little details.

He added: "My biggest challenge was to allow myself to be in such a vulnerable state, and thanks to that I've been able to grow as an individual."

If this sculpture fascinates you, then you can watch this video to see Luigi literally transform his 'happy face' into an incredibly realistic 3D self portrait. Or you can discover more of his work at www.luigirodriguezart.com.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Luigi Rodriguez


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