Spare Fruit evolves to Spare Snacks with rebrand by The Clerkenwell Brothers

The snack brand, which turns unwanted fruit and veg into air-dried crisps, chose The Clerkenwell Brothers for its redesign ahead of its UK expansion this year.

In 2016, Spare Fruit (now Spare Snacks) started its mission to use fresh, ‘wonderfully wonky' produce in its snacks. Now the brand – which makes air-dried fruit crisps available at Ocado, Planet Organic and Sourced Market – is expanding across the UK as consumer demand for the surplus fruit and veg sector skyrockets.

Spare Snacks’ founder Ben Whitehead approached The Clerkenwell Brothers for the rebrand, to help create a new design system to be vibrant but authentic to his story.

Since discovering how much fruit and veg go to waste in his teens, Ben started to save unwanted produce and experimented with dehydrating them himself. After two years in production as Spare Fruit, the brand’s redesign has focused on identifying new contrasting colours for the six flavour packs. The Clerkenwell Brothers also worked to develop the brand’s new logo, packaging, website and advertising assets.

Alice Dobbie, Design Lead at The Clerkenwell Brothers, says, "We loved the challenge of approaching an honest, wholesome snack brand and questioning what will make it a modern, accessible product. We needed to convey warmth, energy and increase the impact of flavour. At the same time, we highlighted Spare’s vision to move toward a more waste-free world.

"Our process began with a sheet of paper and a pair of scissors. Our experiments resulted in a charming set of irregular fruit and veg shapes and unique ‘wonky cut’ lettering. Our fruit and veg slices evolved into six quirky characters which feature as flavour cues on-pack and can also be used as text holders across the off-pack world. These characters organically transitioned into animation, with the movement boldly communicating the product’s satisfyingly crunchy texture."

“The full range includes three pure fruit/veg packs and three punchy, flavoured counterparts," adds Alice. "We carefully devised a six-colour palette which would allow all packs to sit together while the pure and flavoured packs could be recognised as three separate pairs, yet still communicating the ingredients and flavours of the product."


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