Sofia Pusa's nature-inspired identity for one of Finland's oldest music festivals

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Sofia Pusa.

It's been around for five decades and so before its 50th anniversary, Ruisrock Festival called upon Sofia Pusa to come up with a fresh identity to mark the special milestone.

Known for her nature-inspired illustrations and bold use of colour, the Helsinki-based designer and illustrator took cues from the event's beautiful setting in the National Park of Ruissalo to create a new logo and a set of illustrations for Finland's oldest music festival.

"The illustrations celebrate the closeness of nature and the hot summer days at the festival," explains Sofia. "The rhythmic logo design with geometric letterforms, meanwhile, evokes the idea of a calligrapher’s pen and plays with the collision of manmade spaces and nature, urban and organic, all inherent in the Ruisrock Festival experience."