Hawk & Handsaw's 'out of this world' Aztec-inspired identity for a new chewing gum brand

How do you design a chewing gum with a story that's out of this world, while showing off its natural, plastic-free origins?

All images courtesy of Hawk & Handsaw. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of Hawk & Handsaw. Via Creative Boom submission.

Hawk & Handsaw were given the imaginative brief to create an identity for Milliways Super Natural Chewing Gum, a new brand of gum based on the so-called explorer Nu-Choo, who travels through galaxies to find "new natural and delicious flavours".

At the heart of the design is an intricate line-work illustration. "This brings to life a world of flavour, evoking the mystical story behind the chicle tree gum and its Aztec origins, as well as Nu-Choo's face, which rotates to reveal her superhero persona," says James Taylor, creative director at Hawk & Handsaw. "A striking design and strong visual world help Milliways to stand out and brings together a new and expressive brand story for a delicious and natural product."

Tom Raviv, founder and director at Milliways, adds: "We set out to redefine the chewing gum category with a design that gets consumers excited again. Hawk & Handsaw brought this to life with their creativity, imagination and ability to balance detail, space and colour, perfectly. They took the time to listen, understand and articulate our vision, which culminated in a project that we’re all extremely proud of."


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