Skiing Faces: How extreme cold weather affects our faces

Trust a British photographer to ponder the weather. On a recent skiing trip Charlie Clift, a London based portrait photographer, was struck by the effect the weather has on our faces. Panda eyes, red noses, wide grins and sun-kissed cheeks - Charlie took his camera to the slopes to photograph the faces of winter sports enthusiasts as they arrived down from the slopes for their lunch break.

The result is a collection of fascinating faces all exposed to the same weather conditions - harsh alpine wind, blazing sunshine and icy snowflakes. If there is one piece of advice to give it is this: always wear sunscreen. Discover more on Charlie’s website.

Clift has dangled CEOs upside down, got shouted at by political leaders, waded up to his chest in floodwaters, and poured pints for dogs. All of it has resulted in some great photographs. He regularly works with a number of editorial and commercial clients including The Sunday Times Magazine, The Independent, Samsung and Action for Children. To keep things fresh and exciting he cannot stop shooting personal work. From attempting to show what it feels like to talk with passionate people to a collective portrait of British emigrants, his photographs capture people’s stories in a single frame. Discover more

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