G20 Double Takes: Before and after photographs of protests on London's streets

G20 Double Takes is a series by documentary photographer Billy Macrae that revisits scenes of public protest during the last G20 meeting in London by adopting the popular strategy of the ‘double take’, often used for displaying romantic ideas of the past against cruder and less elegiac visions of the present.

Macrae is one of six artists who will be exhibiting at the Open Eye Gallery this May – with the support of the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust – in a show that explores the ideas of social portraiture. It brings together photography that narrates individual stories and yet addresses issues of collective relevance and general public interest.

Each series on display will have a personal dimension – often more introvert, suffered and – and a public-facing one, socially and politically engaged and more militant. Such tension is differently resolved in the work of each selected artist or photographer, and you'll be able to see Macrae's work and others when the show launches 16 May 2015. Find out more at www.openeye.org.uk.

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