Sibling Rivaly creates smart, adaptable graphic system for Desert X festival in Coachella Valley

Slick and intriguingly named studio Sibling Rivalry may be based in the New York metropolis, but it's taken to the sandy wildernesses of the Coachella Valley to create this rather lovely branding system for festival Desert X

The arts-based event showcases site-specific works by "established and emerging artists, whose projects will amplify and articulate global and local issues of a diverse range," we're told, and as such the look and feel of the identity takes a suitably neutral and pared-back approach.

Sibling Rivalry is behind the graphics, signage, website design and other touchpoints for the festival, and has used a system whereby simple black and white sans serif typography works against some tantalising photography of the desert landscape. The "X" of the festival name also acts as a standalone graphic device across various pieces of merch and print, creating a smart and adaptable graphic system.