San Francisco agency Noise 13 calls people to 'show your heart' in Covid-19 hospital campaign

San Francisco-based agency Noise 13 has created what it terms a "message of gratitude" for SF's Public Hospital.

The campaign, dubbed It Takes Heart, centred on the team working on the front lines at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. "When the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation team asked us to create a campaign to encourage our city to show their gratitude, we jumped at the opportunity," says Noise 13.

It Takes Heart came to life as a conversation between the community and ZSFG, both as a show of thanks to the hospital workers on the front lines, "as well as a recognition of sacrifices that we have had to make to slow the spread [of Covid-19]", says the agency.

The campaign started with a call to "show your heart" in creative ways, and to write notes of gratitude to the hospital workers at ZSFG.

Many people made homemade hearts posted in windows and on doors—as with the many NHS rainbows in Britain—as well as being chalked on pavements and manifested as murals on boarded-up shopfronts.

The campaign culminated in a 200 foot-long fence outside of the staff entrance to ZSFG which displayed notes of gratitude and photos that Noise 13 received from the community.

Noise 13 created the It Takes Heart concept, logo, poster art, digital applications and more.


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