Quirkily Retro: The robot sculptures of Gille Monte Ruici

Although we now live in a world where real-life robots are active everywhere, from the factory floor to the operating theatre, most of us still prefer the fantasy robots of 1950s sci-fi. And Gille Monte Ruici, a French artist based in Paris, is clearly in agreement, judging by his beautifully quirky robot sculptures, made from a range of found objects.

"I work with recovered metal, including scrap materials, kitchen utensils, mechanics' tools, parts and so on," he explains. "All assembly is done using screws or bolts. I have no preconceived idea of what my robots will look like in advance, I just follow my visual instincts. Either the final vision is immediate, or the idea will slowly mature and will emerge later on."

Aiming to give abandoned materials a "second life" through his designs, Monte Ruici's robots have been exhibited at +BrauerGallery in Paris, and at a maker's fair at Foire de Paris.


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