Inside/Outside: Cristina Coral explores the feeling of being inside, on the outside

"This project speaks about images and psyche. Taking pictures is about the relationship between the interiority (inside) and the surrounding (outside)," explains Italian photographer Cristina Coral, when describing her latest series, Inside/Outside.

Educated in Italy, where she lives and works as a photographer, Cristina's approach to photography and its development is almost entirely self-taught. Heavily influenced by her childhood, which was surrounded by creativity (her father was a composer), music and art have always played a very important part of her life, and resonates throughout her work.

From the haunting visual stories that lie behind her Do Not Disturb series, to the mysterious characters that grace crumbling buildings in Room Stories, Cristina's work is dramatic, deliberately posed and plucked from an imagination drenched in nostalgia. Discover more at

All images courtesy of Cristina Coral


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