Reece Parker, Henrique Barone and Hung Le animate the 'future of work' for IBM

Motion design studio BIEN has created Glow, an animated short film for IBM that dramatises how productivity loss affects modern companies and their workforces.

It's the story of a typical worker, Jane, and how she loses her way after doing repetitive, mundane tasks. The project is a visual metaphor about how businesses might use IBM’s AI-powered automation software and services to give employees back hours of their day.

"Myriad Media awarded us the job because we proposed a tactile, hand-drawn animation approach to tell a tech story," said Hung Le, creative director at BIEN. "We wanted this piece to be nuanced, emotional and slightly flawed, in a good way. This is the lens through which we view the human condition in the modern workplace.

"Telling a compelling story without dialogue is challenging. To ensure maximum visual impact and cultural relevance for a global audience, we worked hand-in-hand with Myriad Media to shape the script and mould the story. It’s highly unusual for a studio to be involved from the very beginning but we were glad to collaborate from the jump."

BIEN teamed up with freelance creative director, illustrator, and animator Reece Parker to bring his talents into the mix. From his creative studio in Seattle, Reece added: "Jane's story is told without voice-over, which forced me and the animation team to dig into Jane and her emotions to fuel the narrative."