Rebeka Arce's design for Festival PIEL mimics layers of human skin

Madrid-based designer and art director Rebeka Arce has unveiled her latest campaign, an innovative design for Festival PIEL.

In collaboration with Nico Castro, she has produced the festival's main image and an animation, which cleverly imitate layers of human skin.

Festival PIEL (piel means 'skin' in Spanish) showcases a series of experimental artists, connected by both the sound aesthetics and the emotional depth of their work.

"PIEL Festival wants to highlight the importance of the most primary aspects of sound creation, the initial moment from which the expression of conflicts or internal narratives, those that cannot be expressed through other languages, starts. That moment in which the emotion has not yet been transformed into structure, and in which still prevails the purely physiological as opposed to the rational," says Rebeka.

"The skin is a protective barrier, but also a sensitive organ. A first contact with the external world, and a measure of the personal sensitivity towards the environment. The skin mediates in perception, but also in emotion."

Rebeka works across multiple audiovisual platforms, combining traditional graphic design elements with illustration and photography. Her work is shaped by an interest in holistic design solutions, experimental but functional typography and playful colour combinations.


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