Plastic Horse's animation about Ramo, a toucan-headed man in search of water in Paris

"The rainy season has run away, the streets are dry, the rivers and canals are empty. Ramo the toucan-headed man navigates the scorched Parisian streets searching for water to help bring the city back to life," so reads the description for a new music video for Ramo featuring Loïc Fleury.

Directed, illustrated and animated by Plastic Horse – who was commissioned by Pentagon MGMT – La Saison Des Pluies translates as 'The Rainy Season' and follows the journey of this desperate character looking to save Paris from turning into a desert wilderness. "Park chairs melt, bollards wilt and trees slump as skeletal birds watch on from chimney pots above," it goes on to say.

Based in London, Plastic Horse is an "animation partnership" that formed about 10 years ago. "We started by making a few music videos for friends which led to some music videos for people we didn't know which then led to all sorts of jobs and making Plastic Horse our full-time job," says Plastic Horse.

"We enjoy making worlds where dolphins play the trumpets out of their blowholes, skeletons play the mandolins and toucan-headed men ride bicycles," the studio adds. "Our style is hand-drawn, 2D animation, and we love mixing the organic and imperfect with the possibilities of digital."


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