Sara Maese lets you wear the seasons in 'sassy' style

Winter may be almost here, but that doesn't mean you still can't carry a piece of summer around with you. Spain's Sara Maese is the illustrator you can thank for this feat.

Her recent designs for Bilbao boutique Back Couture carry the 'sassy girls' Sara loves to draw as they enjoy the seasons of summer and autumn, lounging on the beach or getting up close with cute-looking deer.

"Back Couture's owner Ibone and I were on the same page and thought that making something together could work," Sara tells us. "As I have a huge collection of patterns I have made over the years, she decided to use one of them and license it. That’s how we created each collaboration."

"I have done similar collaborations with brands like Graphic Inc or Rock Soup, so I knew how my illustrations work on shirts. It's something bizarre to see my work on clothes or objects, but at the same time, I feel they look really cool. Also, if I am honest, the world of beauty and fashion is something beautiful to me, so it makes me feel thrilled to be able to create these kinds of pieces."

Sara's career as an illustrator began in 2015 when she started creating her portfolio and contacting possible clients in Spain.

"I was fortunate to soon get a collaboration with a very famous Spanish stationery brand that helped me to gain some visibility on Instagram and also for my work. At that time, it was really easy to reach people on social media; the algorithm did not exist, and everything was more organic and natural, so people found my work very easily. I think that was a major point for my career and also something that helped me to start."

No pesky algorithms? Ah, those were the days! Sara also feels she gained an audience through having "a very recognizable style."

"It is cheerful, colourful, quirky, and I try to maintain the forms as organically as possible even when I draw them on Adobe Illustrator. Regarding the themes, I always try to make things that make me feel happy, and I hope people feel the same way about it too."

"I do not think my work is very deep, and I also do not want it to be like that. My work needs to be clear without words… at least that is how I feel."


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